Build your green and innovative modular home with luxury materials. Frame is manufactured with quality engineering for high efficiency and best-in-class design.

Breathe nature in a green and innovative house with wide openings and refined details.

FRAME proposes the “oriented gaze” principle that distinguishes other known creations of LEAPfactory: a structure that is developed longitudinally and offers generous panoramic openings on opposite sides, with the characteristic hut section that connotes the home and its idea of domesticity.

eco-green-prefab-homes modular-green-building

The modular house can be tailored to the client, with Made in Italy design and interiors. The organisation of the space can be adapted through many configurations, intended for different uses and completely customisable. The main finishes, both external and internal, as well as the technological equipment of the house can be chosen within a range that is specifically selected and optimised in the home design phase.

Countless internal personalizations and customized furnishes, with refined, flexible and ergonomic interiors.


Pillars and beams are visible inside the modular house, give rhythm to the space and integrate a rich system of fixed furniture made to measure: wardrobes, chests of drawers, libraries, pantry. The walls also adopt materials used for the production of high-quality furnishings.

prefab-homes-kitchen innovative-homes

Each detail lives in an integrated manner with the totality, to maintain absolute quality and aesthetic consistency. The house is totally equipped with technological installations, fixed furnishings and accessories, ready to be lived and delivered “turnkey” to the client.

All finishes are coordinated and made with luxury, resistant, ecological materials.


Comfy details for a seamless outdoor/indoor home living experience


Wherever is built, no matter how many modules, Frame will always feel like your new nature home


A whole abacus of openings available for the FRAME model: in addition to the large sliding glass doors, the vertical ribbon window, the punctual window, the bay window (on the back), the skylight on roof pitches. All these variants are useful to configure each new home in an optimum manner, adapting to the places, the climates, the taste and the desires of each inhabitant.

modular-green-building modular-green-homes

A wooden portal supporting structure rhythmically defines the internal space.


Frame is a green and sustainable building: the outer shell is designed for a high energetic efficiency which provides comfort and reduces energy consumption.


The main finishes, as well as the technological equipment of the house can be selected from a range in the design phase. This simplified process also makes the home very flexible to changes, as well as completely reversible, which allows even substantial alterations to be made without any difficulties.

modular-cabins-lighting-switch modular-homes-cooking

Composite collaborating wall system with high-performance insulation.

Eco friendly structure: environmentally controlled materials, FSC certified wood.

FRAME house can be configured in several modular layouts, with one or two floors.

Wide openings: two widths at 4,8 and 6 meters and a modular length at 1,2 meter pitch.

No invasive foundation, dry construction and low impact for the environment.

Additional features

Photovoltaic pack

Photovoltaic systems with integrated cells in the outer shell to produce energy. Appropriate power and configurations for different uses and environmental conditions.

Lighting and house automation

Remote control monitoring and management. Energy saving LED technology, for efficient internal and external lighting.

Solar thermal pack

Solar Thermal systems for hot water production. Appropriate size and configurations for different uses and environmental conditions.

Air-conditioning and heating

Radiant technology electric systems with heat recycling. Integrated in the shell for better living comfort.

Green roof and
bioclimatic greenhouse

The roof can be partially or completely covered with vegetation, planted over a waterproofing membrane. The glazed surfaces also allow greenhouse areas configuration inside the house.

Clean sanitation system

The biological liquid waste treatment enables, in addition to the sanitary facilities, an independent management of sewage avoiding the dispersion of polluting substances.

Home plus: a new design for nature living

The building philosophy and in-house developped technologies enable Leap Home to face simple as well as complex constructions, supporting the customer in the different phases of the project: from the location selection, to the building permits, to the design and choice of best materials, systems and furniture. A flexible approach for maximum personalization.

Leap will help you build your dream home

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