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Made in Italy

A long tradition of architecture and formal balance meets extensive expertise in interior design and cutting-edge materials, creating beautiful, ergonomic and livable spaces of the highest quality.

Smart technologies and first-class materials come together in a beautiful and innovative prefab eco home


Smart design makes it simple

Every LeapHome is born out of a uniquely engineered and integrated process

A smart design system that plans and optimizes every step of the way, manufactures at the highest quality standards, and allows you to easily customize a fully finished, furnished, functioning house within weeks.


Like Meccano blocks, precise and combinable at will: this is the challenge launched by LeapHome. That is, applying industrial production methods to all the elements that compose a house. The various components, like for a car, are assembled on site totally dryly and do not need any further processing or adjustments.

off-grid-sustainable-homes off-grid-prefab-buildings


Industrial manufacturing

Controlling production inside the factory increases quality standards, speeds up the building process and limits risks. A LeapHome is the result of careful selection, design and planning, leading to utmost simplicity and sustainability, so high-quality materials and a minimal number of components can be used in an optimized, eco-certified process.


Invest in what truly matters

Durable, flexible and energy-efficient

By saving on waste, logistics and onsite activities, a LeapHome allows you to invest in a high-quality, industrial process, cutting-edge materials and smart technologies. Design your prefab home to be durable, flexible to your needs, green and energy-efficient

Goodbye building site

The concept introduced by LeapHome is revolutionary: we build prefab eco homes at 100% on our site, then we transport and assemble the modules on construction site. This results in the disappearance of the building site as it is traditionally understood: a place of uncertainty, delays, of the unforeseen, with a large impact on costs and on the ecological footprint.

prefab-green-homes-building prefab-sustainable-homes-building

to make it yours

Every LeapHome is unique.

The modular concept yields a range of optimal configurations for different uses, delivering prefab homes customizable to your needs. Select the model, envelope material, exterior and interior finishings to comply with your performance, sustainability, aesthetic taste and budget requirements.

prefab-Eco-house-library prefab-homes-kitchen


Additional packages

All LeapHome systems and technological assets have been engineered within the Effortless Home Building process. Additional packages are available to meet specific demands for green energy generation, air conditioning, lighting, home automation, furniture and waste management.

Solar thermal panels

Lighting and home automation systems

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

Smart cooking devices

Air purification systems

Garden/greenhouse module


All around sustainability

In the nature, for the nature

A LeapHome is designed to minimize environmental impact, from construction to energy consumption throughout its life. The use of certified, reusable and recyclable materials makes your new home more sustainable and life in it healthier, for you and your family.

Energy efficiency

Cutting-edge technology, carefully chosen insulating materials, green energy generation and low-impact heating integrated systems limit energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The structure is designed to maximize air circulation and distribute heat and humidity, guaranteeing optimal comfort.


Low environmental impact

Prefab eco homes made of prefabricated components – used within an innovative integrated process – make logistics, foundation work and construction lighter on the environment.


Eco-friendly materials

Natural, certified, durable materials reduce waste, respect the environment and make your prefab eco home healthier and more pleasant to live in: the perfect place to enjoy nature and outdoor living.

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