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A dedicated tailor for your dreamhouse

Building your new LeapHome is easy. Meet with Silvia, one of our Leap designers who helps you clothe your house as you like it.


What does it mean having a LeapHome interior designer by your side?

From the very beginning of your Leap journey, a designer leads you in the panel of fittings and finishes offered by Leap to customize your new home.


The internal layout

Each one of us has in mind its’ own home and wants to realize that dream house we once thought about while imagining our future life, sharing it with our family and friends.

But from dreaming to actual fulfilling, we know how stressful it can be building a home…and at Leap, we strongly believe it should be a journey, not a burden!

That’s why we follow you during all the design process of your home to create a functional and aesthetical internal space at your image.

The finishes

The details are those that make the difference and create an original environment. Have you ever thought of how you would decorate your living room? Or which colors you would match in your children’s rooms?

Probably, yes. But the choice can be pretty hard: there are so many materials, colors, and let’s not talk about the different point of views when it comes to personalizing the house!

So at Leap we thought…And what if creating your house was as simple as customizing your car?

During the design process, we suggest a panel of trendy materials coming from Made in Italy high quality design brands. It is in fact as easy as when you buy a car:  you choose the house model you like and you combine the fittings, the colors and the materials pre-selected by Leap for you. This way, you can make your home unique and inimitable and live a laid back experience at the same time.

Fixed furniture, mobile furniture, accessory equipment

A home is truly complete only with its own furniture.  You can count on your Leap designer to inspire your creativity with a selection of high-quality Made in Italy fittings to help you realize your desires and needs, aesthetical and practical.

Technology: renewable energy, home automation

LeapHomes can integrate cutting edge optionals to make your home even more efficient…or even off grid! We give you a panel of the best installations on the market with the latest technologies (solar, geothermal power…), and of home automation systems to build a modern and safe place to live with your loved ones.



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