prefab modular building         11.03.2018

Isolated from bad weather, not from the beauty of nature

Leap Home is a name that stands for profound connection with nature. Living in a prefabricated house like this means being always in touch with the surrounding environment, we dare to say, visually.

Whether they are hinged or sliding, windows are a fundamental element. The windows are the very eyes of a Leap home, open on the outside with what we call “oriented gaze”: light filters both sides of the building, piercing it in an everlasting communication between inside and outside.  This way, an almost intimate contact with the surrounding is born.

Everyone can decide where to place the windows, from the facades to the roof.

Decide on the number, size, the most suitable position. Different systems can be used for a Leap home: flexible and completely customizable, it can create original architectures, able to realize the wishes of all those who live in it. Or, to better say, those who will live it.

    Frame model, for example, uses a system of larch wood windows, among the most durable over time and resistant to the elements. As we said, Leap Home’s windows allow you to enjoy the surrounding landscape but, at the same time, they offer very high insulation performances, at the top of the category. You can mount double and triple glasses and all the best thermoregulating treatments. A very technical example: Frame is fitted as standard with double-chamber glasses with low-emission argon gas. The type of glazing, however, is adapted, where necessary, to the climatic conditions of each location.


    Landscape model, with an even more flexible design, mounts windows frames in larch wood – as Frame does – and when a more contemporary style together with superior performance in terms of insulation and security is required, painted steel with thermal cut.




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