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My house in Chamois (July 6, 2018)

It’s on! LEAPfactory has just started the building site of our LeapHome in Chamois…our dream house is getting real!


July 6, 2018

My wife Barbara and I chose the Frame model: a 132 square meters on two floors, with a big living room, a nice kitchen exposed south east, three rooms for the whole family, and a bathroom. We have customized the house in the last months choosing the layout and the finishes with Silvia, our Leapdesigner. We can’t wait to enter our own LeapHome…!


This week, they began to dig and build the foundations. It is not like a classic building site, everything here is light and “clean”…for us this was important. Chamois, the little Italian town where we build the house is very focused on environment, and we are nature friendly people. We wanted a green building site, light and easy to be gentle with nature and not to frighten the animals in the surroundings!


Chamois is the only town in Italy not navigable by car, so we were also wondering how they could bring all the materials and products on site. LEAPfactory took care of it, talking with the municipality and getting the right permits.

For now, I can say we feel in an exciting project and at the same time part of a true revolution of the housing industry. LEAPfactory is just taking care of everything and we feel relaxed, it has nothing to compare to a traditional construction…the only thing we are thinking about is when we will enter the house in August and enjoy our LeapHome before school starts again in September!

Next week, they start to assemble the structure of the house…we’ll keep you updated!



  1. Dario says:


    potrei avere un costo stimato per il cantiere di Chamois (incluso montaggio ed escluso valore terreno)?



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My house in Chamois

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