prefab modular building         02.02.2018

Prefab modular building is the future.
Even in Dubai.

Prefab & modular construction summit in Dubai aims at providing the platform to discuss and debate the latest developments happening in prefab and modular building, together with the regional construction industry furthering the agenda of construction optimization and efficiency in the challenging business environment.


Prefab and Modular Construction 2018 summit is developed to discuss the contemporary landscape and future growth areas in the realm of modular construction and prefabrication in the region.

Alone in Dubai, some of the reports suggests an estimated USD 313.6 billion worth of projects underway. With ever increasing stress on quality, time and labour, prefabrication and modular construction is seen as an extremely viable alternative to conventional construction methods.

Foremost, the summit will give an opportunity to the regional construction leaders to meet and network with their regional counterparts, peers and partners to explore collaboration potential to further integrate prefabrication and modular construction efficiently and effectively in the current construction practices to execute the projects on time and budget.

LeapFactory has been selected among the world's most influencing companies in the prefab modular building industry

Leapfactory is certainly a cutting-edge company in the panorama of the prefab modular construction, which has made innovation and research its leitmotiv.
An expert team of designers and engineers, starting from the two founding partners – Stefano Testa and Luca Gentilcore – follows the client from the project to the final assembly.

    One of the most exciting experiences Leapfactory has gone through is the truly spectacular assembly of modular prefabs buildings in extreme environments, such as the eco hotel Leaprus in Caucasus at 4000 m or the Gervasutti bivouac in Valle d’Aosta at 3000 m.



    The prefabricated products proposed by Leapfactory, besides being innovative and technologically advanced, also offer an unmistakable, contemporary, dynamic and luxurious style and design.

    Leapfactory lands in Dubai, ambassador of creativity, professionalism and design tradition, all made in Italy!



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