leap diary         13.06.2018

My house in Chamois

We are always looking for a place that makes us feel positive emotions, in which we become one with the scenery and the environment surrounding us.
Just somewhere that makes us feel at home.



That is what happened to me in Chamois, sometimes we are lucky enough that it is the place to choose us! I was bewitched by the nice scenery of this little alpine village, the snow, the inspiring silences and the gentle embracing nature.

I felt at home. It was just the perfect place to build my new house.

At the same time, I was looking for an environmental friendly building approach with low impact on soil. I had in mind something “clean”. Light but solid. Modern, but in harmony with the local tradition.

That is when I met LEAPfactory’s architects. They told me about a special way to build, of sustainability and ecology, and their care for every detail in their projects. They helped me make my project concrete.



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leap diary   



My house in Chamois (July 6, 2018)

It’s on! LEAPfactory has just started the building site of our LeapHome in Chamois…our dream house is getting real!

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