prefab modular building         01.03.2018

a modular and multisensorial sensation

LeapHome is a modular house of absolute elegance and of the highest level of energy performance. It also offers to its’ inhabitants a living environment of great sensorial pleasure.


With an exceptional balance between an intimate and pleasant internal liveability and an intense relationship between the vision of the surrounding environment and its optimized fruition.

The interior spaces are designed taking care of every detail, constructive, technical or functional. An avant-garde knowledge is used to reach the must of habitability, also defined by the well-known Interior design Made in Italy.


Functionality yes, but also sensorial perception. LeapHome blends technology and beauty, creating an inseparable combination of contemporary living.

The interior fittings of LeapHome are made with the best finishes of high-end furnishing Made in Italy.

Among these the high-end melamine products offer a varied choice of three-dimensional finishes: the right mix of patterns, colors and countless textures give a unique multisensory pleasure.

Naturally when we talk about melamine we also refer to the walls, to the so-called textured panels, which not only embellish the interiors but also boast durability and inalterability over time compared to the usual painted walls.



    CLEAF  IS OUR TECHNOLOGICAL PARTNER for decorative surfaces.

    It is one of the most innovative companies of the sector, certainly the unquestioned world leader  in terms of product quality.

    A brand that all competitors try to imitate.

    Leap and Cleaf also share an R&D program for the successful use of decorative furniture surfaces in the construction field. Visit their site and have a look at the gallery of faced panels: they can all be used in endless configurations. for your new Leap home



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    LeapHome: a NZE building

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    prefab modular building   



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    prefab modular building   


    Isolated from bad weather, not from the beauty of nature

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