A new adventure called Greenland

Ariston, the most international brand of the Ariston Thermo Group and world leader in thermal comfort, has launched a worldwide advertising campaign aiming to bring comfort even in the harshest climates on the planet.


Their goal was to build a “home-laboratory” on Disko Island, in Greenland, for a team of researchers of the University of Copenhagen focusing their studies on climatic changes.

An extreme scenery for which Ariston has chosen LEAPfactory as a partner to guarantee the success of this unprecedented adventure. With a unique and strong experience in spectacular zero-impact dwellings assembled in remote and difficult locations, LEAPfactory accepted Ariston’s challenge: to bring the Italian excellence in one of the most remote location on Earth.


    Each component of the construction, produced with CNC machines with the precision within one tenth of a millimeter, has been subject to strict quality control to guarantee high performance and speed during installation. Even at -30°C.

    From Italy to the Arctic Circle. A complex journey to reach the little Inuit town: by land to Copenhagen, to then shove off on an icebreaker until destination. The components of the building packaged in the LeapHome Assembly kit were cataloged and prepared for transport; ready for the final installation.

    LeapHome system is quick and easy to install. No need of specific tools thanks to the very light components and no need of specialized workforce. The work on site was completed by men of the village, Inuits, and the linguistic barriers overcome by the clarity of the drawings. No excavation for the foundations of the building: no concrete, no glues, no chemical products, no waste materials. A “clean”, green, quick and safe assembly.


Launch of the campaign “The Ariston Comfort Challenge”: 17 September 2018 (in Italy);

Product of LeapHome range: Frame (for this specific project in a special version of the “Frame” model which reproduces the Ariston logo);


  • Production: February/March 2018;
  • Transport: March/April 2018;
  • Installation: April 2018;
  • Kit: 5000 pieces in 2 containers;
  • Installation, the team: local workforce + 1 technical supervisor Leap;
  • Surface: 60 sqm.


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