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prefab modular building   


Isolated from bad weather, not from the beauty of nature

Leap Home is a name that stands for profound connection with nature. Living in a prefabricated house like this means being always in touch with the surrounding environment, we dare to say, visually.

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prefab modular building   

faced panels


a modular and multisensorial sensation

LeapHome is a modular house of absolute elegance and of the highest level of energy performance. It also offers to its’ inhabitants a living environment of great sensorial pleasure.

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prefab modular building   


Prefab modular building is the future.
Even in Dubai.

Prefab & modular construction summit in Dubai aims at providing the platform to discuss and debate the latest developments happening in prefab and modular building, together with the regional construction industry furthering the agenda of construction optimization and efficiency in the challenging business environment.

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