Our integrated process encompasses all the phases required to create your new home – fully finished, furnished and functioning within weeks.


Decide where you want to build your home: it can be a plot you already own or one you are considering.


We’re here to give you any details about our house models and how we work – including accurate cost estimates and scheduling.


We take care of all your site development milestones: building is simple and efficient with LeapHome.

A personal consultant will coordinate the team of professionals assigned to your house and be at your side every step of the way. You will tackle each aspect of the project with clarity and make your decisions knowing you have all the support you need, confident that your home will reflect your preferences in every detail.


Conceptualize it

Once you have your land, it’s time to create your perfect home with our team of experts.

At the end of this phase, you will have a comprehensive idea of your project, cost estimate and schedule included.


Customize it

Detailed design and customization

A dedicated project manager will work on your project with a team of skilled professionals. They will design your home and bring it to life according to your standards and requirements:

– Architectural redlines

– Structural engineering

– Huge range of Italian design finishes to choose from

– Optional modules – such as decks or garages and solar energy – can be added flexibly.


Build it

Site prep

We work with local contractors to prepare the site, setting the foundations and utility connections.



All modules and components will be delivered to your location from Italy.



Once the shipment arrives, everything is ready: installation will run smoothly and quickly.

We can send our whole team to your site or just a Leap Operations Manager, who can supervise your team.



The revolution introduced by LeapHome’s original constructive solution is reverberated in the disappearance of the building site as it is traditionally understood: a place of uncertainty, delays, of the unforeseen, with a large impact on costs and on the ecological footprint.

Operations in situ are drastically reduced, as they are limited to a “clean” assembly of small components – and therefore with very limited weights -, the execution of which may be entrusted to non-specialised workers.

Welcome to your LeapHome!

We’ll deliver your turnkey home,
all additional site-built components included.
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